Capital Funding Options to Relieve Business Debt

There are a few options for business debt solutions. One is creditor negotiations. Business owners can hire a company to negotiate with creditors to expedite business debt settlement Orlando. That will avoid collection actions, and keep a business out of court. Creditors agree to lower the balance of the debt, or accept monthly payments that the business can afford until the debt is paid off. The business owner makes one monthly payment to the negotiating company, and the money is sent to creditors. There is a fee for the service, which is usually added to that one monthly payment.

Another option is to find funding for business debt consolidation Orlando. That allows the business to pay off debt all at once. A debt consolidation loan is an option for capital funding, but they can be difficult to get, depending on the amount of debt, and small business debt consolidation Orlando the reasons for the debt. If a business is in a large amount of debt due to poor management, for example, lenders will not be willing to take the risk of approving a loan. Small businesses can get a general loan that may help get them out of debt, so that may be an option.


Inventory financing is another option for capital funding. A business uses fifty percent of the value of existing inventory as collateral for a loan. It can be given in one lump sum, or given as a line of credit to be used when needed. That provides the business a bit of flexibility to pay creditors, meet payroll, make utility payments, or get needed supplies. A cash advance is available if a business processes more than twenty-five thousand dollars a month in credit card debt monthly.

There are also a few forms of factoring a business can use to handle business debt solutions Orlando. The most common form of factoring is based on accounts receivable funding. A business sells invoices to a lender for cash in the amount of eighty to ninety percent of the value of each one. The lender collect one-hundred percent of the value of the invoice.

The business has cash on hand for creditors and ongoing expenses without paying out any extra fees or interest rates. The lender makes a profit when it collects the total value of all the invoices. Purchase order factoring is a short term option for businesses, and construction factoring is used in the building industry. A contractor, builder, or construction company can borrow against completed, current, or future building projects. There is no cost for help seeking capital funding options, depending on the company used.

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